Reinventing Car Scents

Born from a passion for scents, our mission is to create exquisite products whilst removing the need for toxic chemicals in fragrances. Founded after realising the lack of genuine scent experiences available for cars, a space in which we spend hours of our lives within. We have combined our products with the philosophy of scent as an art form to deliver an ambient, introspective and personal way of experiencing scent. 

We are renowned for our signature car air freshener collection, made of only the best quality materials and Australian essential oils. 

The Olfactory A Lifetime Guarantee
Our products have been built to last a lifetime. Throughout the years, natural wear and tear of the product may occur and we vouch to be here when that happens. If your product experiences any faults from your normal daily use, just let us know and we will arrange to have your product restored to its best condition again, or for replacement parts to be sent out to you.

Our Difference
Traditional car scents are loaded with potent toxins and chemicals. Olfactory A is inspired by nature and infused with only the highest quality natural essential oils. We have a strictly no synthetic scents policy. 

Essential oils have traditionally been used for medicinal practices and is widely known for its natural health benefits. Olfactory A essential oil blends are calming and each scent is formulated to carry various functional properties to assist in a soothing, stress-free drive. Read more about each of our scent's anti-road rage properties.

Scents for the Memories
Scents are known to be a stronger reminder of memories than any of our senses. Most importantly, scent can remind us of those subconscious memories that passed by without a sound.

Olfactory A creates a scented bookmark on special moments, creating memories that perservere through time.

The Classic Horseshoe Symbol
A symbol of good luck, take it on every journey as your new scented good luck charm. 

Made from the Earth, to Return to the Earth
Think car scents, but remove pungent chemicals and replace it with native Australian wood and essential oils, creating a scented environment that instantly transports you to tranquility.
The only air freshener you'll need to buy for you car. Our products are made of the highest quality, to last and be reused time and time again. 

Our Method of Scent

Over months of testing and development, Olfactory A has developed our unique natural scent diffusing technology. Our products imitate the scent methods used by nature, organically diffusing essential oils into the air through the porous wood fibres. Our products are made of Australian woods, which naturally absorbs our blend of essential oils. The scent is slowly diffused in the most natural way. No synthetic scents are used in our products to ensure a truly invigorating experience.

The result is a subtly scented space full of natural and energising aromas. 

Our Ethics
Our products are made with the best quality materials, so that you won't need to replace it for life. Our aluminium pieces will last you a life time.
Our scent insert pieces are made completely of natural materials that are biodegradable and will return back to nourish the earth that it came from.

We believe in creating products with minimal harm to the the planet. We offer the option of a non-leather chain.